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Young Adolf: Hitlers Vienna Years Leonard Stone

Young Adolf: Hitlers Vienna Years

Leonard Stone

Published September 11th 2013
Kindle Edition
28 pages
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 About the Book 

Vienna during the years 1908-13 corresponds with a significant period in Adolf Hitler’s life: eighteen to twenty-four years old. Multicultural Vienna at this time has grown rapidly. Of its just over one-and-half-million inhabitants, fewer than one in two had been born there. Many had poured into it from the eastern parts of the massive Hapsburg Empire of over fifty million, with its ethnic mix of Germans, Czechs, Serbs, Croats, Slovenes, Ruthenians, Italians, Rumanians and Hungarians. Among them was a sizable minority of Jews – around eight per cent of the Viennese population. A section of these were extremely poor Galician Jews, or descendents of families fleeing from the pogroms in Russia.In one sense Adolf is developing some of the traits which were to become prominent markers later on both in his personality and his world outlook, weltanschauung. On the other hand there are differences with, for example, the young Adolf having congenial relations with Jewish people, despite his preference for the politics of the extreme German völkish Right. He is also at times more erudite and sophisticated than biographers would have us thus far believe. This drama is based upon meticulous historical research during the noted period, but as with any other slice of history is subject to interpretation. The drama’s debates- eg multiculturalism, nationalism - reflect many of today’s core political issues. YOUNG ADOLF: HITLERS VIENNA YEARS is a three-act drama and covers three periods: approx. his first two years in Vienna, then the next three years in a Men’s Home, his years of penury, and a final scene covering Adolf’s last day in Vienna.