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The Canyon Chronicles, Volume II K. Gray Jones

The Canyon Chronicles, Volume II

K. Gray Jones

Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

The sequel and companion to Volume One of The Canyon Chronicles continues with the turbid intrigues of the heirs to the reign of the manic and violent Ezra Taylor. His son Micah and his disciples of The New Order strive to destroy the grand plans of Robert Thorpe (who survived the assassination attempt that is the culminating episode in Volume I) to dam an enormous stretch of the Cottonwood Canyon gorge. Robert Thorpe’s goal: to create a recreation Mecca that will generate immense personal wealth. Micah Taylor and his followers, committed to a rigorous observance of the Principles of Mormonism, foresee that the lake will be a magnet for outsiders to the state- Gentiles – non-Mormons – unwanted and unwelcome in the Land of Zion. Woven into the web of intrigues and retaliations rooted deep into the histories of these peoples is the struggle to acquire the holiest of holies… The Golden Plates of The Book of Mormon. But are they real? Or just another hoax? Micah Taylor will stop at nothing to find out,including blood atonement…