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Pulpit Talk Donna Lagerquist

Pulpit Talk

Donna Lagerquist

Published August 1st 1995
ISBN : 9780310673712
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

In this broadly comic sketch, a narrator introduces us to a pulpit, wondering what our reaction to it is. With the help of other characters, we experience a variety of sermons that could be found in an average church on a typical Sunday: The Sominex, the Terminex, and the Feel-Good. But none of these compare to the greatest sermon of all known as the sermon on the mount, and this drama ends with the opening lines of that sermon. If a more broad emphasis is desired, an alternate ending of scripture verses is provided which focuses on the power of Gods word.Topics: INTRODUCTION TO THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT- STEREOTYPICAL CHURCH EXPERIENCES, HOW DOES GOD SPEAK?Characters: 3 MALES, 2 FEMALESParticipants: 5Author: Donna Lagerquist, Steve Pederson